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Kids and Adult Jiu Jitsu

Premier Training Location for no Gi Jiu Jitsu

MatTime offers Jiu Jitsu for both Kids and Adults and our focus is on no-Gi Jiu Jitsu. MatTime is at the forefront of a movement that is having different grappling disciplines overlapping as evident at ADCC (the 'Olympics' of Jiu Jitsu) and the unconventional styles of top wrestlers like Bo Nickal and Jason Nolf as well as wrestlers that have crossed over to the competitive Jiu Jitsu circuit.

At MatTime, we believe that even though the roots of Jiu Jitsu are, like Judo, are with a Gi (Kimono) there is a strong movement towards Jiu Jitsu without the Gi, which is referred to as no Gi Jiu Jitsu, submission wrestling or just 'Grappling'. In the end, you and your child will not only learn a very viable form of self defense, you'll also learn the fundamentals of wrestling. Combining these two sports will help build a well rounded grappler that won't be limited to only their ground game.All ages and levels of experience are welcome. Come give us a shot!

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MatTime Hygiene! Please review MatTime's Hygiene Policy and the actions we are taking to develop good habits and hygiene while on the mat. We are also actively maintaining clean a safe environment for our customers. MatTime is being disinfected and cleaned multiple times a day and we will monitor the ongoing situation with the Corona Virus and make decisions with regard to our operation on a daily/weekly basis.


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Kids BJJ

Kids Jiu Jitsu (5-9 yrs)

  • Days:Wedesdays & Fridays
  • Times:Wed: 4:55-5:55p (no-Gi)
  •  Fri: 3:55-4:55p (Gi)
  • Cost:1X/week-$80mth | 2X/week-$100mth
Junior BJJ

Junior Jiu Jitsu (10-15 yrs):

  • Days:Wedesdays & Fridays
  • Times:Wed: 6:00-7:00p (no-Gi)
  •  Fri: 5:00-6:00p (Gi)
  • Cost:1X/week-$80mth | 2X/week-$100mth
Adult BJJ

Adult Jiu Jitsu (16+ years)

  • Days:Mon, Wed & Fri
  • Times:Mon/Wed: 7:15-8:30p (no-Gi)
  •  Fri: 6:00-7:30p (Gi)
  • Cost:2X/week-$100mth | 3X/week-$120mth

Mattime Coaching Staff

Lee Kemp Wrestling Coach

Lee Kemp

Lee Kemp is a 3X NCAA Chammpion, a 3X World Champion and a 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Coach. He is also a National and International Wresting Hall of Fame inductee and he'll be coaching at MatTime. Find out more about this American legend. More Info »

Quincy Clark (Wrestling)

Quincey was a 2000 U.S. Olympic Team member in Sydney, Austrailia. Quincey was also an All American and NCAA Finalist at the University of Oklahoma and we're honored to have him! More Info »

Adrian Garcia Wrestling Coach

Adrian Garcia

Coach Adrian will head up our Kids Wrestling group at MatTime. Adrian was a Div. I wrestler at U.C. Davis and was an NCAA Qualifier. Adrian does a fantastic job with the kids and we're happy to have him as part of USA Gold and MatTime. More Info »


Grant Gambrall Wrestling Coach

Grant Gambrall

Coach Grant Gambrall is an NCAA All American and placed 3rd at the NCAA Chanpionships while wrestling for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Grant is also the assistant coach at Del Oro H.S. More Info »

David Klingsheim Wrestling Coach

David Klingsheim

David is a 2x California State Champion, A Junior National Champion and Big 12 Champion at Nebraska. David is an outstanding kids, high school and personal wrestling coach. Find out more about David. More Info »

Mark Kamizaki BJJ Coach

Mark Kamizaki

Mark Kamizaki has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2007 and was awarded his Black Belt in 2016 by Cassio Werneck. More Info »


About MatTime

MatTime opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2016. Empowered by a strong wrestling community in Loomis, Penryn, Auburn and Newcastle, our plan is to make these small towns the premier grappling communities in the state of California and beyond.

At MatTime, we believe in raising kids without a silver spoon and getting back to an older, disciplined work ethic to raise our kids by. MatTime is a place where kids (and adults) get to put down their devices, games and phones and make their bodies and minds stronger in a challenging environment while learning to respect others. Though the roots of MatTime are in wrestling, we have tremendous respect for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we believe that - when fused correctly - both wrestlers and grapplers (and Judokas) can better their game by learning from the other. MatTime is located on 3105 Penryn Rd, in Penryn, CA, just a few minutes from Del Oro High School.



3105 Penryn Rd., Penryn, CA
See map here.

We've Got Gear.

Our initial shipment sold faster than we anticipated but we still have some gear available before we put in a new order. The gear is high quality and from the feedback we're getting, it looks pretty cool too! The design ideas started as a sketch, and moved into production by our friends over at Tri-Titans. We have dry fit shirts, fight shorts, long sleeve rash guards, hoodies, front-zip sweat jackets and fitted hats for sale.

  • Dry Fit MatTime Shirt: $30
  • Premium Fight Shorts: $50
  • Long Sleeve Rash guard: $40
  • MatTime Hoodie: $70
  • Front zip sweat Jacket: $70
  • Fitted MatTime hats (Black and Camo): $40


MatTime Gear

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