American Jiu Jitsu


Great things happen when men and mountains meet.

~William Blake

Men need a mountain to climb and we'll provide that for your at MatTime. Our Jiu Jitsu instruction is a great way for you to reach beyond your routine. We'll not only get you in better shape and teach you viable forms of self defense using Jiu Jitsu and wrestling, we'll help you rid yourself of bad habits and redirect you to help carve a new path in your life. Put simply, men in America need to toughen up and we provide the opportunity to light that fire inside. We offer evening and Saturday morning classes for all ages, beginners and advanced. Read more if you want to hear the hard truth.

Mondays (no-Gi): 6:30-7:45 pm
Tuesdays (Beginner no-Gi): 7:00-8:00 pm
Wednesdays (no-Gi): 6:30-7:45 pm
Saturdays (no-Gi): 8:30-9:45 am

Take back your domain. A combat sport and the right mindset can help you do this.

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American Jiu Jitsu

Choose something difficult

Our country has grown soft and the world has gone mad. Leadership in our country's organizations and society as a whole are often led by weak and fearful people. Many men have been beaten back in submission, forced to grind silently, trudging through each day without an end or reward in sight. Fearing to speak out and stand their ground, men have lost their fire to lead and take control of their domain, family and space. Most men lack much needed challenges in their lives to gain back their physical and mental fortitude and skill sets that will make them feel comfortable with the idea of defending their wife, kids, family and friends. Meanwhile, our teens are addicted to tic tok, our wives - facebook, our boys - X-box and pretty much any other random activity is preferred over family nights.

Men need a mountain to climb. We are absolutely not suited for being stagnant or mindless zombies that go to work each day for the sake a getting a paycheck and driving a cool car or big home. We've become slaves to systems that determine what we should and shouldn't be doing. It is easy to get caught in a whirlpool of nothingness that saps our strength, our drive and our edge. We need to continually look for things that will take us beyond the normal world that so many people choose settle for and exist in.

Walking down the street with your wife and kids in a public place, are you ready to defend your family and yourself if someone attacks you or one of yours?

This is not to say that no men are moving in the right direction. Some men are strong. Some still work with their hands: miners, construction workers, farmers, iron workers, and laborers among others - and they are toughened because of it. Even so, our houses get warmer, our cars are nicer, food more readily available and non face-to-face contact becomes easier, we have all but forgotten what it means to be cold, wet and tired. Despite the convenience many of us have, there are endeavors available to us that will absolutely ensure that we don't become complacent and lifeless.

Building strength through Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling

Change course: All ahead Full

We are quick to sign up our kids and move them in a direction that will help prepare them for life, because we know they will have challenges ahead of them. Yet, we don't typically hold ourselves to the same level of accountability and instead talk about the days of old, high school sports stories, the injuries that hold us back and the time we don't have. All excuses that keep us in our comfort zone. Working out (weights), jogging, dieting, getting on a treadmill can certainly help us physically, but these activities are typically short-lived, solo efforts and lean towards the minimal amount of excercise we actually need. Add old injuries to the mix (which everyone has) and the desire to push beyond our normal routines takes on a more foreboding appearance than it actually is.

Beer drinking, BBQ'ing, golfing and cigar smoking typically means: not in shape, overweight, extended time away from family and unhealthy.

To make matters worse, our woke-leaning society seems to be on a mission to emasculate males- pushing alternate narratives and using fear as a means to silence us and remove the influence we have over our own domains. We sit idly by and watch, remaining silent for fear of stirring the pot, or God forbid, being labeled as 'Toxic'.

Meanwhile, any mention of God (and any organized religion) along with fundamental morality as a whole is under attack by every major news industry and the people that mindlessly follow these news organizations. People are more prone to believe what they read and never question what the 'experts' say. Fear is surgically used to subdue those not strong enough see through it. A visible result of this is our local leadership (and schools) becomming passive and unwilling to fight against ridiculous policies be it lockdowns, punishment of criminals or over-focus on alternative (trans, lgbt) lifestyles and mental diseases. We've seen this in our school systems, teachers and board members, down through restaurant employees and flight attendents that gladly took the ill-assigned power that was given to them to dictate what everyday citizens (and kids) can and can't do in the world. All that is required to change this nonsense is that the typically silent, need to stand up and be firm, resolute and stand their ground.

The good news is that there are small steps that we can take that can truly create change as an individual. We can then return this favor and help others wake up to do the same. Commiting to a combat sport offers a path to this change - getting back to what makes us tick.

A Bushido Mindset

'Bushido' refers to the (moral) code which behavior, decisions and overall lifestyle that covered Samurai. This code is what the most refined and strongest human beings have to adopt in order to maintain their efforts, whatever their endeavor may be. Most often, to become truly unique - especially in the world of combat arts - the individual has to commit to their craft beyond what others are doing or are willing to do. Whether we are talking about Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick boxing, Wrestling or Jiu Jitsu these martial arts allow men to recapture the very thing that drives them, their life blood, the willingness and committment to become strong and unique. Jiu Jitsu and wrestling can absolutely be the first step of this journey and this is what we offer at MatTime.

No Gi Grappling

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Fight addiction on all fronts

There are many things that distract a man from moving in the right direciton. Addiction is certainly one of them. Vices are all around us and we flat out ignore the most obvious. Number one, food is the leading cause of obesity - plain and simple. Overweight and obese people are absolutely the ones that suffer the most when it comes to pathogens and cardiovascular illness. Very few people are able to control their eating habits and we take in an overabundance of sugar and unhealthy food. We no longer have to cultivate or hunt for our food as everything is done for us. To try and counter our eating habits we make intermittent efforts and engage dumb diets and excercises that will in no way solve the underlying problem.

The most overlooked of addictions other than food is alcohol and prescription drugs - mostly anti-deppressants and pain killers. They are ignored because they are legal and we've just accepted them into our society while ignoring the harm they do. Doctors and hospitals hand out these drugs like they're candy. It's accepted because they're doctors and therefore trustworthy, right? A cold beer on a hot day and a glass of occasional whiskey isn't the root of all evil but how many of us actually limit our consumption. We always want another.

The cool thing about starting Jiu Jitsu and wrestling is that it will immediately take you out of your comfort zone. When you train you'll be very effectively be stripped away from your poor habits (social media, alcohol, smoking) while we dust off the cobwebs, and make you wish you didn't eat/drink like you did over the weekend - or earlier that day. You'll learn to take care of your body and be a bit more careful what you put into it. You'll also want to start making changes as you adjust to the cardiovascular requirements of Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. At MatTime we train without a Gi (Kimono) so we infuse wrestling ("stand up" at it is referred to in the Jiu Jitsu community) into our classes. Jiu Jitsu can become a very rewarding lifestyle if you are open to it, but you'll need to commit to become something better than you currently are.

American Jiu Jitsu

Questions? Call/text us at 916.778.0128. Email us at or register below.

With fellow MatTimers at your side

You'll be pushed by those around you but ultimately everyone there has similar goals as you. The in an incredible benefit that one gets from a combat sport where you can free yourself of vices and negative thought patterns. This mental clarity is a natural bi-product especially when you are trying not to be choked and submitted by someone. Jiu Jitsu, wrestling (and other combat sports) are the ultimate escape that bring significant physical and mental health benefits. How you feel after our Jiu Jitsu class is the ultimate reward for putting yourself out there. That feeling your get right after class - the feeling of accomplishment and a clear mind will keep you wanting more. Over time your body will change, testosterone will increase, your mood will improve and your confidence will grow - all from making a decision to do something hard.

You'll see right away that everyone at class is just like you. In a given class you'll see people in the medical field, linemen, firemen, teachers, carpenters, Veterans, police officers and even retirees. Our head instructor, Mark Kamizaki works in Emergency Services and is a Black Belt under Cassio Werneck. Mark has a deep level of experience and has trained with and coached many different people over the years. MatTime tends to attract wrestlers, Patriots, family-oriented and God-fearing people so if this sounds like your type of group people then feel free to reach out and give MatTime a shot.

    Benefits of Jiu Jitsu:

  • Cleanse the mind and body.
  • Redefine your thoughts on being in shape.
  • Help you regain control in your domain.
  • Increase confidence with your ability to protect your wife, kids and yourself.
  • Enable you to move against your vice(s).
  • Physically strip depression and negative thought patterns.
  • Mental and Physical Resilience.
  • Connect with others on a similar mission.
  • Become Tougher.

Absolute and utter discipline is the path. Any man of any age or experience can aspire to and achieve this.

Questions? Call/text us at 916.778.0128 or email us at .


Never Masked. Never Locked down. Never Vaccine Requirements. Never Woke.

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