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2018 Spring Session

If you are looking to get your kids involved in wrestling or if you have a wrestler and are new to USA Gold, you've come to the right place. We're offering 3 different groups for our wrestlers. Feel free to call 916.778.0128 for more information.

Kids Wrestling (5-7 yrs)
Our Kids Wrestling group is being Coached by Adrian Garcia. Adrian is a former Division I wrestler at U.C. Davis. Helping Adrian will be Zack Sanchez who wrestled at Del Oro. Both Adrian and Zack will have their boys in the class. The kids will have a great time with in this class in a low intensity environment.

Junior Wrestling (8-13 yrs)
Our Junior Wrestling is forthcoming and we have a special coach lined up! Stay tuned for more information. You will not be diappointed!

Girls Wrestling (9-13 yrs)
Our girls wrestling class is coached by Angela Vyborny Angela has an impressive resume of her own and is also coaching the Del Oro Girls Wrestling team. The sport of girls wrestling is growing and there are a lot of opportunities for girls to advance in the sport. Thinking of getting your young lady into a sport that will make her stronger, metally tough and better able to defend herself? If so, this is the sport to be in. You can also find information about our Sacramento Girls Wrestling program here. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter below for class schedules and announcements.

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Get your kids involved in a great sport! Call us at 916.778.0128 or you can simply register and pay online below.



Sprint Wrestling Sessions
Starts in March!

Pay online by clicking the "Sign Up" button next to class below. By creating an account we'll keep you informed about any changes to the schedule, tournaments and other updates.


At MatTime, the kids will learn many aspects of wrestling including:

  • Fundmental scoring instruction for the sport of wrestling.
  • Take-downs and controlling opponent on the ground.
  • Strength training exercises and balance drills.
  • Controlling an opponents hands and head.
  • Take-down defense.
  • Stance, footwork and multi-directional movement (angles) - key to all sports.
  • Self defense and have fun while they're at it!

More information about each program coming soon.

Feel free to to reach out to us with any questions at 916.778.0128 or email us at .

Junior Wresting
Girls Wrestling Team
Little kid wrestlers


January 3 - February 28.


  • Kids Wrestling: TBD
  • Kids Wrestling: TBD

  • Girls Wrestling: TBD
  • Girls Wrestling: TBD

  • Junior Wrestling: TBD
  • Junior Wrestling: TBD