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New Wrestling Sessions coming soon!

MatTime remains committed to providing top level grappling and wrestling instruction in the Sacramento area. We know that kids are moving from one sport to another and that one season (folkstyle) is ending while another begins (Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling). We'll help your kids get ready for the next part of the season. Stay tuned!

In addition to offering wrestling classes for boys in the coming weeks, MatTime will also be continuing our Girls Wrestling program and will have two classes a week in March and April. You can sign up for the class on our Girls Wrestling page.

The USA Gold wrestling program is one of the premier Jiunior wrestling programs in California and beyond. USA Gold regularly turns out State Champions year to year before sending them off to high school where wrestling gets even tougher. What makes both Del Oro and USA Gold Wrestling unique is the smaller size of the community that we pull most of our wrestlers from. This stands in contrast to other programs in California (Fresno and SoCal) that have a much larger local  population to pull from. Coach Clint Madden of Del Oro High School is committed to developing kids both on and off the mat and has done a great job in assembling great coaches to keep the program winning.

Boys Wrestling

MatTime Wrestling

  • When: Weekdays
  • Time: See wresting page
  • Cost: $TBD (Dates: TBD)
  • Coaches: Quincey Clark, Grant Gambral, Adrian Garcia and Angela Vyborny
Cassio Werneck BJJ

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • When: Fridays
  • Times: Kids: 4-5:00pm (Fri)
    Adults: 5-6:30p (Fri) / 9-10:30a (Sat)
  • Cost: $80/mth 1x wk, $100 - 2x wk
  • Coach: Mark Kamizaki
Stand-up and Takedown Training

Wrestling Power Up

  • When: Wednesdays
  • Times:TBD
  • Cost: TBD
  • Coaches: TBD

Mattime Coaching Staff

Ryan Loder Wrestling Coach

Ryan Loder

A graduate of Granite Bay High School, Ryan is a NCAA All-American from the University of Northern Iowa. As a USA Wrestling California State Coach, Ryan will be coaching our Junior USA Gold Kids at MatTime and will also be coaching a group at Del Oro.

Adrian Garcia Wrestling Coach

Adrian Garcia

Coach Adrian will head up our Kids Wrestling group at MatTime. Adrian was a Div. I wrestler at U.C. Davis and was an NCAA Qualifier. Adrian does a fantastic job with the kids and we're happy to have him as part of USA Gold and MatTime. We may also get some help from Adrian's father, Gary Garcia, a Calfornia Hall of Fame wrestling coach!

Angela Vyborny Wrestling Coach

Angela Vyborny

Angela has been a great addition to Del Oro High School and MatTime. Angela is coaching the first ever USA Gold Girls Wrestling Team at MatTime. A Collegiate All American at Wayland Baptist Univsersity and 2x High School State Champion, Angela knows what it takes to get girls involved and engaged in a challenging sport.


Mark Kamizaki

Mark Kamizaki has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2007 and was awarded his Black Belt in 2016 by Cassio Werneck.

Quincy Clark (Wrestling)

A rare opportunity to get 1-on-1 instruction from an Olympic Wrestler. Quincey is coaching at MatTime and we're honored to have him!

Tyler Brey

A Certified Personal Trainer with an impressive resume and a grappling background. We're proud to have Tyler at MatTime!


About MatTime

MatTime opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2016. The room was built by two dads (with a lot of help from wrestling parents and coaches) that have been involved with the USA Gold Junior wrestling program as well as Del Oro High School Wrestling. Empowered by a strong wrestling community in Loomis and surrounding area, our plan is to make this small town one of the best grappling communities in the state of California and beyond.

At MatTime, we believe in raising kids without a silver spoon and getting back to an older, disciplined work ethic to raise our kids by. MatTime is a place where kids (and adults) get to put down their devices, games and phones and make their bodies and minds stronger in a challenging environment while learning to respect others. Though the roots of MatTime are in wrestling, we have tremendous respect for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we believe that - when fused correctly - both wrestlers and grapplers (and Judokas) can better their game by learning from the other. MatTime is located on 3302 Swetzer Road, right across from Loomis Basin Brewery, just a few minutes from Del Oro.



3302 Swetzer Rd., Loomis, CA
See map here and please be sure to park on Key Court.

MatTime Apparel Coming Soon.

We want you to show off your gear! As part of our efforts to fund the business and continue to service the Loomis area, and keep our kids strong and turn them into leaders, we'll be creating t-shirts and hats for men, women, boys and girls. We'd love to see you around town wearing MatTime gear.

MatTime Apparel

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